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#131 Impact Of Inflation On Bonds, Housing Markets, And Consumer Behaviors w/ Robert Barone & Joshua Barone | Investment Managers At UVA Funds

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Robert Barone founded Universal value Advisors (UVA) in 2005. He is currently the firm’s economist as well as a wealth and portfolio manager. Mr. Barone holds a Ph.D. in economics (Georgetown University) and is nationally known for his blogs, many of which are posted on TheStreet.com, at the Minyanville blog site, or at Forbes. He is often quoted in the financial press, and writes a column every other week for Reno’s local newspaper, the Reno Gazette-Journal. In his career, he has been a Professor of Finance (University of Nevada), a community bank CEO (Comstock Bancorp), a Director of the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco where he served as its Chair in 2004, and is currently a Director of CSAA Insurance Company (a AAA Insurance Company) where he chairs the Finance and Investment Committee. In 2007-2009 he served as Chairman of the Board for that entity. He also currently sits on the Boards of AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah (the AAA Auto club) and Allied Mineral Products, Columbus, OH, America’s strongest refractory company.

Joshua Barone is an Investment Advisor at FourStar Wealth Advisors in Reno, NV. He brings over 20 years of experience in investment management to the FourStar team. At FourStar Joshua is responsible for asset selection on over 100 million dollars of the firm’s assets. Joshua is also the managing member and Chief Investment Officer of Universal Value Advisors, a Reno NV based RIA established in 2005. Universal Value Advisors is the sub-advisor to the ETF named UVA Unconstrained Immediate Term Income Fund (FFIU) which is traded on the NYSE. Prior to the establishment of Universal Value Advisors, Joshua was a co-founder of Adagio Trust Company and was a senior analyst and portfolio manager for that company during the years of 2000-2005. Joshua has also been a M&A analyst in the banking arena, analyzing potential purchases of small institutions by larger ones. He also briefly worked for Liberty Mutual and New York Life Insurance Companies. Joshua has been published in the Street, Forbes, Northern Nevada Business Weekly. Joshua has also been featured in Fast Company Magazine.

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Best Moments From TME Episode #131 w/ Robert and Joshua Barone #HighlightReel

Major Indicators Of An Ongoing Recession | Clip From Ep #131


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